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Welcome to the Devil Canyon Project Relicensing Web Site

The Devil Canyon Project, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 14797 (Project) is an important component of the State Water Project (SWP). The Project provides southern California:

  • Affordable Water Supply – About one-fifth of southern California’s water supply flows through Project facilities. The energy required to transport water makes up the single largest cost to deliver water to southern California. The revenue from power generation through these facilities offsets the cost of delivering water to southern California, keeping water costs more affordable in the region and preserving economic vitality and quality of life for residents.
  • Clean Hydropower – As part of the water delivery system, hydropower facilities are strategically located to maximize production of clean and reliable electricity.
  • Hydropower that Integrates Green Energy – The operational flexibility and rapid response of the Project facilitates the integration of wind and solar into California’s renewable energy portfolio, promoting necessary stability and reliability to the grid.
  • Accessible Public Recreation Opportunities – The major reservoir of the Project and surrounding California State Recreation Area provide valuable and accessible outdoor recreation opportunities for southern California families and visitors.
  • Environmental Benefits – The Project facilities support local ecosystem health and preservation, and provide multiple benefits to southern California without incurring significant, adverse impacts to the surrounding environment.


The Project consists of the Devil Canyon Power Development, which has a generational capacity of 280 megawatts (MW). The current license expires on January 31, 2022. The Licensee for the Project is the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).

The Devil Canyon Project Relicensing will be using the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Traditional Licensing Process (TLP). This website provides information about the relicensing process, access to public documents and details about the Project, public participation, communication plans and meetings.